Penwortham Youth Music Festival

The Marking System & Rules

    Federation adjudicators working at our Festival will allocate marks/categories using the following guidelines.


or Outstanding


An Exceptional performance, both technically and artistically


or Distinction


An excellent performance technically and artistically


or Commended


A convincing performance technically and artistically


or Merit


A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability


or Moderate


A performance showing development of technique and/or communication


or Fair


A performance limited in its communication



Any performer wishing to know more about the British and International Federation and its recommended guidelines for Federation adjudicators should contact:

The British Federation of Festivals for Music, Speech and Dance,
Festivals House,
198 Park Lane,
SK11 6UD

01625 428297 / 01625 611578       Website:

The British Federation of Festivals for Music, Speech and Dance


  1. The use of photocopied or hand-copied music is illegal and will not be accepted for use by the adjudicator, the accompanist nor the competitor.  However, a recent agreement with the Music Publisher's Association gives the following concession:

One photocopy may be made, for use by the ADJUDICATOR ONLY, of Own choice Pieces selected from a volume containing several different works, provided that the competitor has already purchased his/her own copy. The chosen items must not constitute more than 10% of the album, and the Festival Organisers will destroy the copy after the Festival.  The Copy must be made available for the Adjudicator at least 15 minutes before the class and be clearly labelled with the name and class number.

  1. The festival is bound by copyright law and cannot allow tape recordings, video or other photography during the performances and adjudication.
  1. A winner accepting a trophy undertakes to keep it safe and undamaged during the period for which he/she is entitled to it and to return the trophy in good condition to the Director before 1 February the following year. Engraving is optional, but any engraving that is carried out must be of the same style and size to that of the first entry and at the winnerís expense.
  1. In all adjudicated classes, the adjudicatorís decision is final. Adjudications will be available at the end of each class from the adjudicatorís desk.
  1. Entries must be made on the official Entry Form. No entry will be accepted without the appropriate fee.
  1. If an Official Accompanist is required, this must be stated on the entry form.
  1. Whilst certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, irrespective of the number entered in the class, trophies may be withheld if the standard of performance does not merit presentation.
  1. There is a Child Protection Policy available and may be examined on request, <<click here>> to view online. The Child Protection Officer is Julie Appleby.
  1. A risk assessment is undertaken for the Festival at each venue and may be examined on request.
  1. The festival cannot accept responsibility for property left at the venue during the festival.
  1. The decision of the officers in all matters arising out of, or not specifically covered in these Rules, is final.
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